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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Falling for Someone? The Biggest Signs of an Emotional Connection

The Biggest Signs of an Emotional Connection

Relationships can be confusing. How can you tell if it’s just physical or whether you’re showing the signs of an emotional connection?

When you find yourself attracted to someone, it can be difficult to work out whether what you’re feeling is purely physical *lust* or whether it shows the deeper signs of an emotional connection.
For a relationship to really work and to become deeper over time, there should be a strong emotional connection which runs alongside all that bedroom action! The problem is, an emotional connection takes time to build, and it’s not something which can just happen instantly.
Sex, that can happen pretty quickly. Simply because lust can be immediate; however, emotions take a little longer to build, and trust takes even longer than that.
So, how can you tell whether you’re moving towards a deep emotional connection or whether your judgement is clouded by lust?
Signs of an emotional connection that prove you’re falling in love!
Check out these signs of an emotional connection. See how far along the line you are.
#1 You miss them when they’re not around. When they’re not around you, perhaps when they leave the room and they’ve been gone for a while, or you haven’t seen them that day, you miss them.
Now, this ‘miss’ isn’t the same as the ‘oh my god, where are they’ kind of intensity. It’s a gentle ache somewhere in the pit of your stomach. When you experience this, it’s definitely one of the signs of an emotional connection. It shows that you want to be close to them, and not just in a physical way.
#2 When something happens to you, good or bad, they’re the first person you want to tell. Who is the first person that pops into your mind when something happens to you? It could be something bad, i.e. you feel like you need someone’s shoulder to cry on, or it can be something positive, and you’re desperate to tell someone your good news.
If they’re the person who comes to your mind whenever something happens in your life, it shows that your connection is far deeper than just friends or just lovers.
#3 You find yourself sharing your feelings with them. Do you have deep conversations? Do you both share your feelings and tell each other things you don’t generally talk to people about?
In that case, you’re becoming closer. It is one of the clear signs of an emotional connection. We don’t generally share our deepest, darkest secrets and feelings with people we don’t trust or don’t feel close to.
#4 Sitting and talking to them is fun. It’s not that you never run out of things to say, because it’s normal to have the odd awkward silence. But if you find yourself sitting there and talking, and realize that you’re having the best time, it’s because of the emotional and deep connection you both share.
You’re getting to know one another. You’re sharing, giving and taking, and the more you do this, the deeper your connection will become. Most people in this type of situation find that they can talk for hours and not realize how much time has passed.
#5 You find yourself wanting to help them. The thought of this person being hurt, upset, or simply in some kind of trouble causes a knot to form in your stomach.
As a result, you never want them to feel any kind of negativity. You want to be the one to help them. This is a sign not only of an emotional connection, but also of a flourishing love affair. When you find that you can’t stand the idea of them feeling upset, question how deep your feelings actually are.
#6 You just want to listen to them. Not many people actually want, or know how, to really listen. If you have no problems just listening to them when they’re speaking and you want them to keep talking so you can learn more, it’s one of the signs of an emotional connection.
In addition, they feel comfortable talking to you, which shows that the connection is two-way. 
#7 You don’t judge them, you accept them. They do the same for you. Nobody is perfect and we all have our negative points. If you find that there is no judgement in your relationship, then that’s a clear sign of something deep and emotional. You simply accept them as they are, warts and all. In return, they do the same for you. Not feeling the need to change someone is a very special occurrence. In this case, your connection will deepen further.
#8 You know small details about them. Do you know how they like their coffee? Do you know about the way they like their eggs versus the way they don’t? And do you know their favorite food and how to cook it? These small details mean that you have talked, shared, and learned the small details about one another. It’s one of the definitive signs of an emotional connection.
#9 You feel understood and feel like you understand them. There is a feeling that simply happens when you’re close to someone, and it’s almost like a lightbulb moment. You feel understood, you feel like this person really gets you and you get them. You can simply be yourself without any censoring.
It’s such a comfortable and heart-warming feeling that you’ll want to be around them more and more. When you have an emotional connection such as this, it helps to make you a better person. 
#10 It’s not all about sex. When you’re together, it’s not all about sex. Of course, sex probably comes into the equation. But you’re equally as happy talking, having experiences together, going on dates, laughing and sharing your thoughts and feelings. When you have this special combination, nothing beats it!
#11 You’re their biggest fan and vice versa. One of the biggest signs of an emotional connection isn’t just that you care about each other and are attracted to one another, it’s that you’re both each other’s biggest fans. You’re always cheering for one another through thick and thin.
When you develop an emotional connection, it’s almost as if you’ve met your soul mate. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on whether or not soul mates are actually real.
But if you connect with someone deeply, they know you well and you know them just as well, it’s special. It helps you to develop as a person, it boosts your mood, it makes you feel like you can do anything. As a result, you realize that some of your previous relationships were on the superficial side.
That’s not to say that superficial relationships can’t be fun in the short-term! Not everyone wants to have a full-blown relationship with someone. In that case, fun is on the menu only. Of course, it’s also possible that you may have any of the signs of an emotional connection with someone, but it never actually turns into a romantic relationship.
Emotions are funny things, but if you have a deep connection with someone, it’s important to hang on to it. Allow it to develop naturally without pushing or asking unnecessary questions.
If you have several of the signs of an emotional connection with someone, you’re lucky. Some people go through life and never develop this type of closeness with someone!

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