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Monday, 3 August 2020

Building A Stronger Relationship

Building a stronger relationship
Quite a large number of ladies fail when it comes building a stronger relationship, and maintaining a man after efficaciously getting the guy of their dreams. Some unknowingly loose guard of their men to other women. 

Outlined below are few things to avoid in order to preserve your lover boy and get him play faithful!

Please Avoid:


Do you know that the quality underwear you often wear every time you go to him is part of the things that flip him on and made him committed to you.

So, if you must continue to turn on his mind even after marriage, then you must maintain your format. Tying wrapper after marriage might make you look older and less fascinating to your man. This could scare him away or force him to look for an alternative woman.


This is very simple to understand. Guys/men are very sensitive when it comes to their women and taste. Don't let your hair look so pretty only when you're single. In fact, your hair should look more prettier after getting married. You can agree with me that 96% of men, if not religious me, are moved by what they see. So, make good use of your style. Look prettier and taste better!

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Please, note that no matter "how poor" or "less rich" your man is, do not (never) challenge him or tempt him into fighting with you. There is always a better way to let him feel or see things from your own perspective. Fighting, shouting and challenging him is never an option, if you must enjoy your man to the fullness. No man will be aggressive to his woman/wife when she speaks softly. Should in case he does, it's certain that such a man will express his regret in a way. Do put to mind that every man usually love to rule/dominate.


Most women give up going to the gymnasium and begin ingesting and getting fats after marriage.

The truth remains that your man could have been glued to you due to your horny shape/body cavity. Maintaining/improving your body shape after marriage will be a wise thing to do, and only the wise will stick to it.

I hope this article goes a long way in your search to improve your relationship. Cheers!

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