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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Proposal: Things To Do While Waiting For Her Decision

Things to do while waiting
Knowing the things to do while waiting for your woman to say "YES or NO" is more important than the WAIT itself.

Just after proposing to a woman, there may be a period to wait and such is certainly described as that brief time given to the lady to think, consider matters and arrive to a conclusion.

While you wait for her decision, there are things you ought to do and ought not to do too, and they're stated below.

  • Never Change Your Personality Which You Instilled In Her During/After The Proposal:

Yes, you must do all you can to preserve your personality & character, just the way you were before you approached her. Girls are so smart to decode the type of guy that approaches them. So, you mustn't try to act too cool or too strict. Just be you!

  • Never Stop Exploring:

This is a very simple but important thing to do as a guy you know? Once she replies “Give me time to think about it”, you mustn't partake in the stress of thinking about it too.

You have to continue flirting around as this will help you overcome to thought of worrying over what her answer could be. It saves you from emotional trauma!

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However, you must put an end to the flirt if she agrees to your proposal. That's the least every gentleman can do.

And finally, here's a piece of advice from me to you:

Never Wait So Long For Her Response, Move On If She's Taking More Time Than Necessary

I hope you learnt something from this writ, you could react via the comment box you know? Enjoy!

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