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Friday, 31 July 2020

Major Reasons People Prefer Being Single

Reasons people prefer being single
More often, people search for advice in order to commence a relationship, perfect way to groom a relationship, how to get better from an awful or stressful relationship, and list of different matters that doesn’t contain deciding on the continuation of singleness. It will amaze you to know that there are some people who intentionally decide to stay single.

Furthermore, you should all understand that human beings don’t simply decide to stay single over nothing. One fact to note is that each person is an aggregate of various previous experience that may contribute to their decision of staying single. It can be as a result of the stress experienced in the previous relationship, it can also be due to a dysfunctional household condition. With exemption of the previous experience, some other person simply decide to be single, avoiding a boy/girl relationship whereas some simply have troubles connecting with the opposite gender.

Outlined below are the major reasons why people decide to stay single:


Majority of the persons that decide to stay single have once been in a relationship filled with romance. These set of people are those who have been in one way or the other emotionally engaged, but didn't end well. They might have experienced abuse which could be physically, emotionally or sexually. Additionally, the experience could also be in form of home violence, rape and growing in a dysfunctional household setting.

Such experiences provide such victims a sturdy and legitimate motive to continue to being single.


Pursuing an education or perhaps, professional degree/knowledge is quite a legitimate reason to continue to being single most times.

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Yes, few set of people simply have that dedication/decision that they must attain positive height in their schooling or profession before considering or talking about anything relationship.


Financial stability matters too. It can be said to be the major in decisions like this. It is equally important to note that both male and female experience economic duress in a relationship. Any of both gender can decide to remain single as a result of monetary duress. This kind of situation may be in form of not being financially flamboyant or having money in excess which leads to financial over security as the thought of getting genuine lover become difficult to imagine.

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