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Monday, 4 December 2017

FUTO 2017/18 Freshers' Online Media Award, Vote Now.

This is to openly bring to your notice that the Online Freshers contest announced earlier on has kicked off..
This is to unite US again, bring fun before the awaited FUTO stress comes!*
 Maximize this time, enjoy yourselves!...
Happens once in a time...
Contest Positions:
King of Freshers
Queen of Freshers
Most Popular Male Freshers
Most Popular Female Freshers
Most Annoying Fresher
Most Handsome Fresher
Most beautiful Fresher
Most Funniest Fresher
Most serious Fresher
Mr SUG of Freshers
Miss SUG of Freshers
Aluta Playplay(SUG Sports)
  Unbelievable Prices/offers!

Recharge cards, Free blogging tutorials, opening of free blogs, Free FUTO study Materials, and lots of offers to be unveiled soon....
Comment from one of our sponsors:

Team Elvis
~ I will be giving out 4k to the person(s) that emerge as the king&Queen of freshers, and also a free ticket to winter suite hotels for swimming and more fun
    How to vote?
 Voting involves two steps:

✅ First like The sponsor's Facebook Page "Correct Boo" via link below:

✅ Second step: Click on the name(s)/select your fan(s) you want to vote for...
 Note: You can as well vote for people you don't really know.

Notice: Voting ends on the 6th of December 2017.. exactly 10:00pm
And winners will be declared on the 7th December 2017 as awards follow suit.
Courtesy: Mr Fresh
Proudly sponsored by: Mr Fresh et Team-Elvis