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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Keeping A Lady Interested After First Date

keeping a lady interested after first date
So, you put a ton of pressure on yourself to make sure the first date went as planned? And it went well! Congratulations! But, now what? You survived the first date, but you didn’t think long-term. If you want to know how to keep a lady interested after the first date, it isn’t that hard. You already nailed the first impression.
First dates can come and go. It is easy to break things off if they go stale after a first date because you still barely know each other.
What got her interested?
So, you already had the first date. Take that as a win. She agreed to go out with you and followed through. Obviously, she is interested in you already, so you’ve been doing something right.
Think about what you’ve been doing. Are you having deep conversations? Are you cracking jokes left and right? Do you ask her questions about her childhood or her job?
You don’t have to go to great lengths to learn how to keep a girl interested after the first date. She is likely already there so you can take what you’ve been doing and grow on that.
If she loves that you travel, plan a second date somewhere she’s never been but is still a reasonable driving distance. If she is interested in you because you share so many common interests, take her somewhere you’d both love like an arcade or amusement park.
You don’t have to put on a show or come up with these extravagant ideas to keep her interested until your next date. Just be yourself.
How to keep a lady interested after the first date
I know the advice, just be yourself, is so cliche. How do you be yourself? It is a weird thing to say but is effective. If you’re not being yourself, you’re letting her be interested in someone else. And if things progress, it likely won’t work out.
If you’re normally outgoing and talkative but very quiet and shy around her, she may think you’re mysterious when in fact you’re just nervous. Don’t lie to her and tell her you love something just because she does.
What will truly interest her after the first date is honesty and sincerity. She needs to feel a connection and will want to grow upon that. The only way for that to happen is by being genuine.
It is still pretty generalized advice. Try these things to intrigue her and feel a bit more confident in the fact that she’s interested in you.
#1 Follow-up after the first date. Don’t just leave her hanging to wonder how you think the date went. Let her know you hope she got home safe and that you can’t wait to see her again. This will put her mind at ease and keep her excited for the next date too.
#2 Ask for a second date. Don’t beat around the bush. No one wants to be lead on. Clearly, you want a second date with her so come out and ask her. You can do this while saying goodbye at the end of the first date or with a follow-up text. 
#3 Take action and make a plan. Don’t just let her know you want to see her again but actually ask her out on a proper date. Pick a day and a place and ask her out. If you leave it up in the air, you may never nail down an actual plan. She will take you more seriously if you put in the effort to make a real plan.
#4 Don’t text too much. You don’t want her to lose interest or forget about you before seeing you again but you also don’t want to come off as clingy. You don’t need to text her all day long. Maybe chat a bit during your lunch break and then when you get home in the evening.
Try not to text about the weather or things like that. Go into each conversation with a purpose. Bring up a movie you watched or ask if she saw a new preview. This will help the conversation feel more natural and will forego the “Hey, what’s up?” text. 
#5 Video chat. If you’re too busy or your schedules don’t align, you may not be able to see her again for a week or so. If you go more than four days after your first date before a second one, try a video chat date.
If you’re wondering how to keep a girl interested after the first date, make plans to eat dinner or even breakfast together for an hour over video chat. This will give you a bit of those pre-date butterflies and will hold you both off until your next real date.
#6 Do something cute. You’ve only had a first date so you aren’t trying to keep the flame alive in a marriage. You don’t need to do anything major, but doing something small and cute for her will definitely keep a girl interested after a first date.
I know it is sort of old-fashioned, but sending her flowers is actually very sweet. You can even put a modern twist on the classic mixtape and make her a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs. 
#7 Start watching a show together. Whether you both start binging a Netflix show or are watching something on cable, being able to have something to consistently talk about will help the conversation flow more naturally. I once went out with a guy I had zero chemistry with, but once I found out we both watched The Bachelor, our conversations were so much easier and I saw a lot more potential between us.
#8 Make a list of future date ideas. If you really like this girl, talk with her about things she’d like to do with you. My guess is there are plenty of things she has wanted to do on a date but hasn’t had the opportunity to do.
Make a list together of places you’d like to go to. Maybe a public garden or park. Perhaps go on a picnic or ride bikes. Making this list together will give you both things to look forward to.
#9 Interact on social media. Texting isn’t the only way to keep a girl interested after a first date. At this point, you’re probably following each other on social media. Be sure to like her new photos and send her funny videos or photos back when she sends on to you.
Keeping your interactions playful can keep you from worrying too much. 
#10 Send her memes. Memes are the modern-day flirting for dummies. They are the easiest way to make someone laugh while putting in little to no effort. With that, it does show that something you saw randomly made you think of her.
I know it can seem silly and you don’t want to go overboard, but sending one to three memes to her a day that reminded you of something she said during your first date or something you bond over can put a smile on her face. 
#11 Ask her opinion. If you are struggling to find something to talk about to keep her attention after the first date, ask her opinion on something. This will show her that you appreciate and respect what she has to say. You truly want to know what she thinks.
You can go simple, by showing her two shirts and ask which she likes more, or which recipe looks better. Or you can even ask her about politics or religion which could be risky, but also beneficial. 
#12 Don’t overthink. Try not to worry too much. I know this is hard. But, honestly, she is probably just as nervous as you are. She is probably wondering how to keep your interest after the first date.
And remember, this awkward time will pass. Once you get passed the third or fourth date, things feel a lot more comfortable.
Knowing how to keep a girl interested after the first date can seem daunting. But, with a little confidence and a lot of honesty, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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